SCN Research has been a registered business since 1986 and an Oregon corporation since 1997.

Our team includes both full-time and part-time consultants.  We are Unix, network, and security specialists.  The people at SCN Research live and breathe Unix and the Internet. 

We also work with several associates, companies that we partner with in a variety of areas.

Specialities at SCN Research include:
Internet Security:  Servers / Firewalls
Internet Service Provider Technology
Unix/Linux Administration
Cisco Router configuration, BGP, security, monitoring, and performance tuning
C/C++/Perl/Java/PHP/Python/Shell scripts
Email/Usenet/FTP/Content Servers
WWW Server Setup and Programming
Unix/Solaris/Linux System Programming
X11/Motif & Openlook GUI Development
External Storage iSCSI/eSATA/SCSI/SAN/NAS
Microsoft:  Windows XP / Vista,  Windows 7, Windows 2003/2008

Colocation in our computer facility

Located in Portland, our own network includes forty Sun Microsystems workstations and servers, fifty Intel and AMD-based computers, two SGI workstations, and seven Apple MacPro servers.

We have on-site systems running Solaris 2.7 - 2.10 on both SPARC and Intel platforms; various flavors of Linux; Apple OS X; Windows XP/Vista/Win7/2003/2008; and IRIX.

Connectivity to the internet is via a 100mbit to the Portland Easystreet Colo, and from there, a 30 megabit/sec connection to Easystreet, and a 100 megabit/sec connection to Cogent.

Our 1000 square-foot computer facility includes 20 tons of air conditioning and an auto-start 20KW generator backup. 

We offer both a set of products and the following services

We have had the good fortune to work with some of the best companies in the Pacific Northwest. Some of those companies are listed here.

Contact us:

SCN Research Inc.
9120 NW Wiley Lane
Portland, Oregon 97229-8067

On the web:
Via email:

Voice (503) 297-3039
Fax (503) 297-3726

N 45 degrees 32.839 minutes
W 122 degrees 46.303 minutes

Consulting can be provided both on and off site, by the hour or on a contract.  Engineers can be made available via the internet or telephone 24/7. 

View some of our clients, and check out SCNR news.

Billing is done monthly or by terms of a contract.  A rate is negotiated based on the type and urgency of work to be performed, typically $150/hour for off-site during regular business hours, and $200/hour for emergency and/or non standard business hours. 

There is a charge for travel (time and transportation) outside the Portland/metro area.

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